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Human Again

Last week I was in Ocean City, MD. And I LOVE THE BEACH. My only internet was sneaking wireless from my parents room, so no beach posting.

Beach wrap-up notes:
  • This was the first time getting my/our own place at the beach. We were 5 blocks away from family, but the price was great. We were technically not beach-front, but were actually one building back and had a decent view of the beach from our porch anyway.
  • Tropical Storm Cristobal stayed off the coast, and the waves on Monday were awesome.
  • Monday was also bonding time with my dad and my sister's boyfriend. All the ladies had headed off to shop.
  • My daughter loved the breezes and liked sitting on my lap on the porch to watch the waves and people on the beach, but did not like sand. She seems very tentative of new textures.
  • I burned my arm a little bit, but was otherwise well-covered with sunscreen.
  • We played a round of mini-golf (and I won after a very bad first 4 holes).
  • During some of the family nap-time I watched some anime episodes of things that I'd been meaning to watch for a while.
  • I also finally played enough Icewind Dale to get past the first chapter.

After we got back, Saturday was an abortive attempt at getting new glasses for the first time in years (after being without since at least 2003) but I did at least get my watch repaired. Sunday was the little one's first birthday party! YAY!


Followed by a nasty bout of food poisoning. ICK. After being out for a week and having some major meetings I decided to come in to work on Monday afternoon. I felt like the pits, but made it through. I just did absolutely no running and took every seat or elevator I could to make it less of a hike.

Any my sister's last birthday present finally arrived. It was a Warcraft figureprint. It was her main, a human mage from a RP server. Even as a dedicated Hordie, I do have to admit it is cool to hold in your hands a 3-D version of something you would see moving around on the screen, wearing the gear that she had to earn.

- Pookah

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