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As much as I thought I got stuff done before, this past week was a week of things that took longer than expected.
- Website deployed? No, I discovered there was a security safety problem. After attacking several ways to try to mitigate the needed permissions without success, at the end of the week I threw in the towel and asked the hosting company what we could do. They volunteer to switch the site to another server, no charge. Nice, simple & so far effective. Phew.
- Documentation planning? Like sending meeting requests and project schedules into a black hole as deadlines are approaching. The "damn the torpedoes" approach may be the best to take.
- Driving to Virginia for bowling? Wednesday was major stormfronts and funnel clouds coming through, but I was already at the office in Rosslyn and didn't have much choice but to drive in it. What might normally take 20-30 minutes without much traffic took 2 hours because of powerless traffic lights, sudden squalls and downed branches.
- Foundation destruction? Wasn't going to happen Thursday, I was too busy with the previous two fire-drills. But my dad took down the last of the wood foundation and on Sunday I got help and we broke up the concrete. Still sitting around to be hauled to the dump, but that'll require a truck and the dump to be open (they're closed on Sundays).

Everything turned out okay, though.
- Site transfer is smooth so far, knock on wood.
- Lack of comment on the schedule seems to be acceptable to my bosses so far, and they may take on the "nagging" part of it from here
- Bowling on Wednesday led to a 215, my second-highest ever score. Of course it followed a 105, but somehow I managed to get back to basics with my throw and reel off four straight strikes to start the next game.
- The foundation now just needs to be transported and we should be ready for the landscapers. And then i can put my attention on the next projects, an outlet out front and fixing the leaky shower head.
- Saturday's Sweet 16 party for ceri_blue's sister. It was fun and the most dancing I've done in a while. First time I got to publicly dance with my daughter, and she really was cute even if I had to hold her the whole time. My arms were more tired the next day than my legs were, but I'm sure doing the Cha-Cha Slide while holding her was a contributing factor.

- Pookah

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