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I kept wanting to post and phrase a few things out of my own head. But some of them felt like they were originating from outside of my own head. Not space-alien heebiejeebies, but just ... not my normal way of thinking or internal/external perception of self and behavior. I think I know part of it. I think I've got too many trains of thought running in my head again. Too many things started and unfinished. Too many could's.

See, that's half of it. Starting things is like an agreement to take it on. I never set out to do anything halfway, just pick a next step on the way towards it and then I treat that as the goal of the moment I'm aiming for. And that's where the things come from that get me. The unfinished stuff. It's just hanging there. The whole phrase Needful Things is a Stephen King book title, but to me that's exactly what the half-finished things are. They have a psychological pull to them. When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way, in a manner of speaking. I even tried to put the finishing touches on a few things this week. No dice. It can be frustrating, particularly at moments like this when I'm hyper-aware of it. But really ... if you would ever want to make my skin crawl or plant yourself of my bad side, take advantage of it. *momentary seething* Thank goodness for email taking the tone off of text and the gap between the enter key and the send button. I was partway into a rant that would have qualified as a nastygram before backspacing my way into a short succinct email that is merely a fancy way of saying "WTF?".

Tick tick tick tick. The clock goes by today, I'm journaling about meta-events instead of actual events again, and despite all the progress I made on the three things I set out to do today I've achieved a completion rate of ZERO. Partial progress, whee. I did at least get something done that had been hanging since last week. Granted, I was testing something that didn't work, but I had really meant to get back to that person sooner. Gar.

Back in real life, Mother's Day weekend was different viewing it from the father perspective for the first time. Friday night's bowling was fun. I was the only one using a lane ball instead of bring my own. Not sure if it would impact my game at all, but lugging it on my commute might be a P.I.T.A. Got more shed removed, got some Warcraft done (amazing how quickly quests can go when you've got backup), analyzed the shower problem to no great effect yet (have I mentioned things left hanging?) ... gah.

- Pookah

PS: NEED PHOTOS. Have access to them somewhere, just need to get and transfer to LJ. BUSYBUSYBusybusybusybusy ...

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