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Alas poor Yurick, a Caps retrospective

The Capitals had their chances during regulation and the game went into overtime. You can't ask for anything more exciting than that. Losing their cool and getting whistled for a bad penalty in overtime ... this is what can happen when a team makes a mistake like that. And it wasn't the first. There was a previous chop-at-the-skates where Philadelphia had a legitimate beef at a non-call. For as much as the whistles were put away in the third period, there's only so much the "Let 'Em Play" philosophy can go before any game gets out of control. And in overtime of the second game of back-to-back nights, players are going to get tired and tired means sloppy.

One player that wasn't sloppy was Martin Biron, goalie for the Flyers. Usually he was getting victimized in the third period. That was a frequent story in the series. Late surges by the Capitals in a frenzy of shots won them Game 1 and 6. The trend was that Philadelphia scored more early and the Caps scored more late. This time ... Biron held. There were some golden chances for the Caps to put it away before overtime came around, most notably when a shot rebounded hard off the back wall and flipped just over the stick of Alexander Semin before Biron turned around and dove on the puck. If that puck goes in, the endgame is completely different.

The easiest turning point to pick out for this Capitals season is Thanksgiving. They were in the basement, the coach was fired and Bruce Boudreau came in to take over the helm. I just found out how incredible of a run they went on since then. Counting the playoffs, they wen 40-19-9. That's 40 wins, 19 regulation losses and 9 overtime losses. - Pookah

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