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The Latest "Dirt"

And the Caps are in the playoffs! My seats were even better than I expected. There were probably a lot of good ones available, given that I bought them waaaay back at the end of December when the Caps were still clawing their way out of the basement from the bad start to the season.

The tradeoff was that I spent the majority of Sunday (and I mean the majority) wrapping up the side website work that I had promised to my boss. It literally took me until 9-10 pm to finish, but I'm glad I spent the time this weekend on the breaks. The hockey game was a big break, but lunch & dinner Sunday were with friends and I did spend some time with my daughter every now and again, including telling her a story (one time, there was this mama bunny who dug a hole in our front yard ...) and rocking her to sleep Sunday night.

Now, I know there's more work to come, and more beyond that, but I have TICKETS TO FRIDAY'S PLAYOFF GAME. *crazypookahdancetime* They went on sale, schedule unseen, immediately after the game on Saturday. The ticket office was packed with humanity so I owe my rescue to sapphireblue. YAY! Online purchasing for the win.

And my daughter is getting even more active, whether that's crawling everywhere or checking out whatever is "behind stuff" or getting up to kneeling. Not quite standing yet. We're still figuring out baby-ese but some signals like her "I want to be picked up" signal or the "I'm excited" signal are relatively clear. When I get down to her level, she has also crawled right over and either flopped down next to me or crawled up on me.

This is the week of the new shed going up and the power's already shut off to the old one. Once all the stuff we're keeping is moved from the old shed to the new shed we'll take out the shelves that are spoken for then start on the demo work. From a good suggestion I plan on renting a U-Haul and using it to transport broken-down pieces of shed to the dump. There are still more workable shelves that can be removed if anyone wants them. That also reminds me I need to put in the outlet on the wire by the front door ... one of these days I won't get damped on. I've been slow on it because of weather and because I don't want to rush it. I reallyreallyreally don't want to get zarked.

- Pookah

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