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Thought Flitter

In lieu of explanations, I'm just going to go all consciousness-stream. Making them separate posts would just have raided and pillaged friends pages, so I'll do my best to segue.

- Saturday is the Washington Caps last hockey game of the season. I've got tickets and I am SO looking forward to a hopefully meaningful gets-them-into-the-playoffs game. They're 9th-but-close when 8 teams get into the playoffs. Very important week Excitement level over NINE THOUSAND!

- Also this week, Happy birthday spiralsong! I'd use the annoying blinky font ... but it's annoying. But blinky. But annoying.

- April the first was also Rock Band download day of Still Alive, the credits song from Portal. I ownzed it. And hit 78k points on Hard that night. Woo. I'd brag about where I am on the leaderboard, but I'm sure I wouldn't stay there.

- And from Portal, we get cake that is not a lie! Link spotted and squeed over by bansidhe.

- Portal I first heard of from friends who also told me about Frisky Dingo, proud creators of the X-ticles, who yell "Boosh!" a lot. No news there. But I discovered there's a hockey player named Brian Boucher. [Pronounced Boo-Shay, like the Waterboy, though I bet he hates that comparison]. And they call him "Bouche" for short.

And the hockey brings me full circle.

- Pookah

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