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Rookie, You Got Some "Splainin" To Do

I'll give credit where credit is due, and as ceri_blue cheered for, Crosby and the Pens got the better of the Caps on Sunday. It was an exciting game with great scoring chances at both ends ... until a Caps rookie (Backstrom) put the puck in the wrong goal in the final minute of the game. I was really looking forward to an incredible overtime but it didn't happen that way. I'm a partial Penguins fan from my time in Pittsburgh anyway, but to see it end like that is frustrating. And as the last Penguin to touuch the puck, Crosby was the one who got credit for the goal. I also saw a replay of the goal that was from further back, and you see Ovechkin collapse on the ice in what must have been disbelief after the puck went in.

Ah well. In better news, I'm practically over the congestion that plagued me all the last week and a half. It lingered a bit (my singing at Rock Band on Saturday was brief and still noticeably worse than usual) but I think I was helped by this weekend's arrival of the humidifier we bought for my daughter's room to help her also get over the bug. Helping me kick the last of it was a fringe benefit of sharing airspace with the increasingly chatty little one. Increasingly chatty and mobile. One kiddie gate has been installed and one is left to go. It was much easier to mount the one into a doorframe than the other, which will involve finding the studs behind the drywall.

At least it is getting warmer. Tasks like the gate are getting me back slowly into mechanical improvements and outside plans are proceeding as well, like the new shed. Shed is under contract, and concrete pad for it may be under contract as well soon. Dismantling the old shed will be sometime in April or May ... and will be fun! Once we take the electric out of there. *evillaugh*

- Pookah

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