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"Halfway" Home

8 days left until party, 8 days since I've been healthy. But at least I'm on the upswing. My eyes still feel funny. My sinuses feel heavy but not as painful as earlier in the week. Worse yet, my daughter caught the bug and was all congested and frustrated about it this week as well. I spent time a couple nights this week holding her in that rocking chair in her bedroom. She couldn't sleep well horizontally and some nights I had to keep her upright so she would fall back asleep. I'm still tired, but looking forward to getting better.

And the plan & target for what my team is supposed to accomplish in the next 3 months has changed drastically. <fake enthusiasm> Woo. </fake enthusiasm>

It's not all bad news. If you haven't heard about Ding by Scott Kurtz, it's kind of a side webcomic project with a definite MMO slant to the inside jokes. Many of them World of Warcraft related and funny if you get them.

sapphireblue and I also enjoyed Monday night's hockey game. Alex Ovechkin (#8) and the rest of the Washington Capitals put an exclamation mark on their win over the Boston Bruins. 10-2 is not a typical hockey score. 6 to nothing after the first period alone is not a typical hockey score. And Ovechkin scored a hat trick when the first one on its own was enough to give him 50 goals for the season with 15 games left to be played. He's already gotten more to get to 54. 60 is not out of the question. In honor of the achievement (and a new color scheme and logos), I got a jersey. #8, of course. He may be a little overexposed, but that's like saying Tiger Woods is overexposed when he's on a win streak. But he's leading the league in goals scored BY ELEVEN. 25% more than the guy in second place! (43 + 11 = 54) I love the way NBC is marketing Sunday's big game between Pittsburgh and Washington:

Crosby vs. Ovechkin. Beats Hillary and Obama.

That gets my vote.

- Pookah


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Mar. 7th, 2008 06:41 pm (UTC)
Go Sidney, Go!

(sorry Pookah)
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