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The staff at Newtype USA has informed people that as of February 2008 they will cease publication of the branded Newtype USA monthly magazine. AD Vision will replace Newtype USA with PiQ Magazine in March for current subscribers of Newtype USA.

I am one such subscriber ... and this is a sad event. I liked Newtype USA, with its oversize full-bleed pages of artwork straight from official sources and details on plots with plenty of spoiler warnings to prevent me from reading too much about the DVDs I plan to watch.

As for the new magazine, the Newtype USA website says that: PiQ is an entirely new magazine, with a new voice and covering a wider range of entertainment, while still revolving around anime and fan culture. And let's be clear, PiQ is its own entity, operating outside the bounds of both Newtype publisher Kadokawa Shoten and Newtype USA parent company ADV. Interesting statement. I won't speculate too much, but a "wider range of entertainment" sounds like PiQ isn't as anime/manga focused as Newtype USA was. I need to wait and see just how PiQ magazine turns out, but I did already grab occasional issues of Play magazine that had a good mix of games & anime. That may be was PiQ is aiming to do as well, but then it comes down to execution. And there's always the Japanese edition of Newtype, if I want to ignore the fact that I really can't read Japanese. I'd still get all the good art but none of the plot points [and probably end up seeing things that may never see US release].


- Pookah

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