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Katsucon 2008 Wrap-Up

What a weekend. I'm glad I have today off of work (as President's Day holiday) to recover. The purple hair coloring I used [more on that later] did wash right out, but since I had that for Sunday's outfit I was a little concerned about whether it would be noticeable when I get back into the office. And it's not entirely a day off since I already spent an hour dealing with a production website issue that finally integrated work done by some other developers so we could stop using their database ... that they happened to be messing around with and broke a store locator function.

Whichever. Anyway, Katsucon was a blast. And tiring. My daughter was SO CUTE and had smiles for almost everybody. She handled the crowd very well, and the many pictures and flashes and cheek-pinches too. Friday afternoon we got down there and checked in. We spent the day in "civvies". It was mostly shopping [YAY LOOT] with one late workshop we attended. J got her first autograph, thanks to Phil and Kaja Foglio!

Saturday was very busy, but we did kick things off by switching in our Inuyasha outfits, my wife and I as Sango and Miroku and now including J getting dressed up as Kirara. We lost count of the fangirls SQUEE-ing. Quickly, very quickly. The con facilities are not terribly stroller friendly so we carried her around for the day. My arms hurt, but it was so worth it. I think she was happier that way anyway. Pictures came out AWESOME. I'll post them soon-ish some time.

I was missing something from both costumes I brought. As Miroku, I did not have the prayer beads he usually keeps on his hand, but with a baby all day that would have been dangerous & less comfortable. She might have snapped the cord and sent beads flying everywhere. For my Chrono outfit it was much more noticeable of a difference. I left the wig home. The purple one with the extra-extra long braid. ACK. So some improvisational shopping ensued while my wife and our friend JF were watching the Iron Artist art competition. I also found some good gifts, but loot descriptions will go beyond this already going-to-be-long post.

So Sunday started with packing so we could check out, then I went after my hair with the purple coloring spray. It turned out pretty well, especially since much of the tougher parts of my head to get were covered by headband. Phew. So I got to go around as Chrono in red coat & backpack & all. I jumped out to the signature line to get a print signed by Greg Ayres and Tiffany Grant who voiced Chrono and Satella, but they cancelled. I cursed my fate (but not them, I got to hear them comment on episodes on Saturday and I know Greg was up late DJ-ing) and headed off to the Charity Auction.

Sunday Twist #1 - I did get Greg's signature ... off an auctioned copy of Air Gear DVD 1. I was after it as soon as I spotted it, and I do like that show too. I've been watching in through On Demand.

My wife bid on a kimono, but was way outbid by Old Mr. Deeppockets at the front. Grr. We collect our winnings after the auction and head off to lunch where an excoworker and his wife finally got to meet my wife and daughter. I was surprised he'd never met my wife before on any of her visits to my office. And yes, I was still in "full frontal geekery" as JF put it. My excoworker chuckled a little but we'd talked about some manga and comics before so I knew he was cool. We chat over lunch then return to the hotel to get the car and start the trek home.

Sunday Twist #2 - I did get to shake hands with Greg and say "Thanks" but nothing to do with an autograph session. I was waiting for the valet (still in costume) when someone asks to take my picture, followed by one more with Greg Ayres in the background. Sure enough, he's over by the main doors. I felt a little weirded so I said "Sure, but I'm not going over there to bother him. He'd probably hate me if I did." I mean, the man's on his way out of the hotel and there's already a swarm of people departing. *Snap* goes the shutter and photographer guy vanishes.

I chat with another person in the valet line for a while, and a few minutes later I hear "We can grab lunch in a minute, just give me a second. Oh my God, dude, that backpack is awesome," from over my shoulder. I turn and sure enough, that's Greg there saying that. I know I said thanks but was otherwise having a total deer-in-headlights moment. Very cool of him to do.

He turned and headed for the restaurants with his friends and immediately my brain kicked back in: On on side "wait, he walked over here? OMG!" with "Dear Lord, I hope he didn't hear me earlier and think I'm some conceited ass who was trying to guilt him into coming over here" on the other. Yeah, the self-conscious overanalysis can be unavoidable sometimes. Thankfully, as I thought about it on the drive home, he's not a punch-puller, so had he really thought I was an ass he would've walked well clear of me and I'd have never even known he went past.

Pictures and details on phat lewt to follow, and maybe even more details of stuff we did. First is lunch.

- Pookah

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