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Setting Them Up and Knocking Them Down

Reading about expanding your bowling skilltree made me remember that I neglected to post about bowling. Yes, I recently bowled for the first time in ages.

I was ... not horrible. I threw a 13-pound ball and my arm was fine at the end. I have no idea if that's a light ball or what, but the range of rentals was like 9-17. I averaged 139 over three games and actually came out with the best score in the third game. Still came in third on average, but was second was 141 and the winner of the three of us ... well ... he won. He marked consistently. Thanks to "good action" I got enough strikes and spares to keep me going, but the spares weren't things like 9 & 1. I had a lot of 5 & 5, which meant my second ball had a lot more pins it could target making some of those spares easier to pick up than single pins or two-pin splits.

This coming weekend is Katsucon. Woo! It should be a blast to head on down there and hang around. I've got me some shopping to do! There are some older manga series that I'll be looking for deals to pick up large numbers of books (like one series where I'll grab 6 through 17 if I can, and 18 is on the way some time soon). I'll be looking around for new quality reading/viewing as well.

And #1 daughter is getting better aim with her hands when reaching for things, like toys or noses. She's also teething more. =/ Not much we can do for that. She does still wake up happy and is definitely enjoying the new foods (like carrots, which are a smash hit).

- Pookah


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Feb. 13th, 2008 09:32 pm (UTC)
Several of the crew members of Spriggs will be at Katsucon, so if you feel like hanging with them (both cool guys) you should look them up. Their names are Mike Reed and Aaron Clark, phone numbers upon request.
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