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Feb. 5th, 2008

Super Bowl party was a blast, even if we watched very little of the game itself. Really, we only watched the last 2 minutes or so, which was quite exciting.

Why was this? dasquish was kind enough to bring his PlayStation 3 and practically new copy of Rock Band to kick it with a ever-changing group of amateur (in all senses of the word) musicians. Thus we came to know The Stylish Babes and the continuing adventures of a band with one of the coolest randomly generated names I've heard in a long time: Death-Pit Punkaceratops! I was relatively pleased with the song selections and managed respectable efforts on guitar and a couple good ones on the drums, including one "group survival" of the 4th song of a 4 song set which was bad surf guitar music. I say that because it runs TOO LONG and has lyrics that are TOO DRONING. Again, dasquish, you rawk for bringing that.

In other news: memo to self: don't pick scabs. Like a million times before, I all too frequently excoriate myself when stumbling back through memories of old mistakes and failures. Even though there's very little to be gained by keeping them around, it's still hard to put them to the torch, and even little triggers like events beyond my control can set me off. Feh. So here's one more pirate metaphor among a hundred in my LJ: time to re-bury the chest and once again return to sea.

- Pookah

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