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Yeah, Sunday night's football game was not pretty, at least from the Ravens side of the ball. But when you're that thin in the secondary against a team that can pass effectively, they will burn you repeatedly. At least Troy Smith got some snaps on the real field, even if there were more spectators for training camp practices than the end of that game.

In Half-Life 2, I've finally made it out of Nova Prospekt. This exterior view shows some of the ambience of fighting through a somewhat worn down high security prison. There were some seriously rough battles in there, and the game does retain some of that surprisingly spooky kind of a feel. Now I've got a squad of people with guns to help me get through the next part of the game.

Though I've got some watching of .hack//Roots to catch up on that we keep meaning to do. I think I reached a point in .hack//G.U. Volume 2 (which takes place after the TV series ends) where there was a plot twist relating to a character who was presumed dead. Or I should say that they infer that you presume that he was dead, when even he writes that it must be surprising to be receiving email from a dead man. He's not dead yet as far as we've watched of the series so ... maybe I should slow up on that for a bit.

And I'll need to go annoy Sony. They're supposed to have called me by now to schedule the service visit for the laptop. Bleah.

- Pookah


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Dec. 12th, 2007 05:51 pm (UTC)
Half Life 2 is a great game. I've beaten it twice - once at work, and a second time at my home computer where I could turn up the visual goodies. Nova Prospekt and Ravenholm were both great examples of how creepy the game could be.

Looking forward to episodes 1 and 2. Hopefully I'll be able to procure an 8600 for my system first, I've heard that the 2 episodes can be brutal to video cards.
Dec. 13th, 2007 12:49 am (UTC)
hey, you scored more points than we did. *sigh* And this week is JAC for us... they haven't exactly been know for having a generous defense. *double sigh*
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