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I kept repeating to myself and others: If I can just make it Thanksgiving, life will get better. It will suck until then, but it will be better. And it worked. It did suck up through Thanksgiving, but the holiday weekend was at a much more leisurely pace and I was able to feel human again.

Wednesday's document review went very very well. I got good feedback, fended off other people's agendas and even neatly packaged it into possibilities of some future work for my team to take on. Now I just need to find out when the edited document is due to the QA folks.

Thanksgiving went very well. Julia was a little fussy at dinnertime, but we were able to calm her down. Once she was asleep I was able to eat dinner. It was one-handed, but I had her in my other arm. =D I also was tinkering with my sister's computer. Warcraft + ATI graphics chip = increasingly poor performance. It used to work fine earlier in the year. They've gone to specifically working with NVidia for graphic enhancements. I just didn't think it would come down to this where there are certain things you can't even do. Hopefully a memory upgrade will help, but I'm not too sure. Plus it's very hard to sort out a video upgrade on a laptop without it being an entire laptop upgrade.

And I did do a little yardwork on Sunday. In the middle of the day I cleaned the lower gutters and used the leafblower to collect two shredded & compacted trash bags of leaves, which works out to six bags from the leafblower. There are still more leaves to fall, but most of those were dry and easier to suck up at the time than after last night's rain. I'm glad I did what I did. De-leafing the yard is futile anyway when there's plenty in the neighbor's yard and some more on the trees. It's all about making a dent, particularly preventing them from getting down into the grass and dirt or getting damp.

Also, I look forward to Christmas ... and to Appleseed Ex Machina, the sequel to Appleseed! More CGI cel-shaded fun with some John Woo action mixed in. Should be AWESOME. And they're getting better at bringing them over. It was released in Japan in October and instead of a long wait, it's first reaching US shores on December 15th. Warner studios is saying DVD in 2008, but I'd love to see it in a theater. The trailer is very promising, though John Woo's influence can be seem immediately in the handgun-extended shooting poses and bouncing shell casings.

- Pookah

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