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As usual, when unencouraged I turn into a posting slacker.

Family: My daughter met her greatgrandfather last weekend as we visited Raleigh, NC. She also met her uncle and greataunt, and we had a pretty good time. The long drives down and back were mostly baby snorefests. Frankly, that was a blessing. She doesn't like tunnels very much and she might have had similar objections to so much time in the car, but she made it through fine. In good moods, she is extra smiley.

Anime: We've also just finished watching Utawarerumono. I liked it, especially the v. humorous "omake" extras on each DVD. They were excellent. Poor Oboro. *evilgrin*

Games: I finally got to Egypt in Titan Quest and am resuming making headway in .hack//G.U. Volume 2, with the occasional side foray into Warcraft & Disgaea. I have diagnosed both of those games as the potential timesuckers I realize they are (but FUN! timesuckers). Titan Quest makes me want a more powerful machine to render the environments for maximum detail without the slowdowns I'm currently seeing, but like my laptop I'm hesitant to make a big change and end up paying a lot for a really big headache of a transition. That's TBD. I'm still drooling over the Naruto XBox 360 game, Rise of a Ninja. But even sapphireblue thought that Assassin's Creed looked good, but it (like Metal Gear Solid 4) is a PS3 exclusive. Gah. That's the hardest part with next-gen right now. Going in any direction you are going to miss out on some good ones.

Outlook: ... Check back later, too busy.

- Pookah

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