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Friday night was a bit long, but I got my fair share of the free booze from an office happy hour. It was arranged as a "thanks developers for pushing the envelope and solidifying our next software release" event, and a good time was had. But even on a Friday I ended up haggling over some potential future changes from 3 pm to 6:30 pm. So I was ready to go by the time I reached the happy hour. I had wanted to get there around 5 and staying until 7 to catch the 7:35 train. Instead I got there at 6:45 pm and looked at my watch 2 hours later realizing I was going to end up on the 10:45 train, the last of the night. I made that train and thankfully shoggoth1 and jazzsongstress kept the door open. A pot of strong coffee, some good chatter about Gene Wolfe and some cribbage was the order of the evening/night/morning. I got beat 4 games straight (and skunked twice) before the first time I moved my game peg, but I won a couple games before going down to defeat 7-4. Twas good as a gestalt, even if I lost. Ah well.

RenFest on Saturday was a blast. A bunch of folks made it, like ceri_blue and deathquaker. After dropping my mother-in-law off at the airport EARLY we went directly to the RenFest. Both are located south of town. We stayed practically all day and then sacked out at the end of the night. My parents (bless their hearts) were watching our daughter until Sunday so we caught up on some sleep later that night.

Utawarerumono disc 5 came in from Netflix and has been watched. Now that they tipped the hand on a couple plot points they had been hinting at, I can't wait to watch the final disc. Just 4 more episodes. I've also picked up the first two books of the manga version of Le Chevalier D'eon. The characterizations are different from the anime, but some of the basics are the same. It's interesting but quite a bit gruesome. I really should check to see if anything from my favorite manga series is on the way. I'm not really sure where to look for details.

- Pookah

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