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Change of Plan

And the past two weeks I haven't posted much. Why? Because I got pulled into helping support a production software release that was moving into the test phase and needed some extra experienced hands to help it get there. There were some longer days and extra effort I had to put in, but I should be back to the normal schedule now. Of course, I'm hoping that we can make the date for my task because I doubt we get the same ability to pull in all available hands to help.

But I refused to cancel the previously-booked weekend in Ocean City with my family. It was the 5th anniversary for sapphireblue and I, and our first trip to the beach with our daughter. It's cooler than the summer so we only spent an hour on the sand and a minute in the water (up to my ankles, holding the little one), but we walked the whole boardwalk and had some very nice meals.

And my big box of otaku JOY just arrived yesterday! Volumes 5&6 of Fate Stay Night to finish my set! Along with 4 manga books of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, 2 novel books of Rah Xephon, and books 2&3 of Air Gear. SO MUCH GOOD READING. Definitely a left turn from the recently-finished-by-me Gene Wolfe novel series. I bought these items back in late summer but it was all held up by the FSN DVD #6 that I pre-ordered. They only send complete shipments. But it's here! Huzzah!

Speaking of huzzah, this Saturday = me @ RenFest again. No baby this time and hopefully it won't be nearly such a scorcher as two weeks ago. And my mother-in-law is visiting. She'll be picking up the keys to her new apartment this week and moving around the end of the month. I know I'll be happy to have her around more; she's good people. I consider myself blessed that most sides of my family get along famously.

Time to go read a bit before bed ...

- Pookah


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Oct. 18th, 2007 05:38 pm (UTC)
I believe WMTG and I will be at the Fest this Sat, too! I finally got my new costume piece, and now that I will not melt, I want to attend a Faire this year in garb!

We do need to leave by 5:30 or so in order to get home and settled in for later that evening when we will be playtesting the game that a friend of KC's wrote, but we'll certainly have a good time before that! :)
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