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October is literally right around the corner. There is SO MUCH going on between now and Thanksgiving. When I stop to think about it, it's kind of imposing. RennFest (October 6th with my daughter in pirate onesie), moving mother-in-law, work deadlines, anniversary trip to Ocean City, trip to Carolina ...

And my daughter will be twice as old by then. I'm finding she's even more excitable when in a good mood, but still inconsolable when seemingly gassy. Hopefully continuing formula options will help to resolve that.

This compilation album of ambient music from Waveform really looks like good listening. I have been getting a hefty dose of ambient between RadioIO's ambient channel and the Soundscapes channel on digital cable.

I received two really good books from shoggoth1 last Friday. I'd finished the first book of The Book of the Short Sun by Gene Wolfe (titled On Blue's Waters). It is a challenging read but I wouldn't call it tough. It's more like the thought required to piece together out-of-sequence events like you have on a first watching of Pulp Fiction. It is also very clearly written from a non-omniscient perspective, and that itself raises some interesting questions from time to time. Since then, I've already read through the second book (titled In Green's Jungles) and have started the third. And I do STILL have some major unanswered questions that have been hinted at or danced around since the first novel. Not all of them are obvious, but the occasionally unclear writing style does leave some intentional gaps in the storytelling where a later recollection provides a crucial piece of the action that was glossed over or skipped before, very much like a memoir written more like a story of oral tradition. Even only 2 chapters into the third book of the trilogy there are some new implications I am looking forward to "reverse engineering" as I keep reading. This will inevitably lead to chatting over beverages (coffee, beer, etc.) to discuss. Fish heads?

Titan Quest is fun especially now that I have the expansion and can give better items to the appropriate characters, Warcraft is engaging but still sporadic, more .hack is waiting in the wings, and don't forget Disgaea 2. The "Dark Hero" would just be further miffed about his lack of press.

- Pookah


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Sep. 29th, 2007 05:47 pm (UTC)
That was quick!
You really blew through In Green's Jungles quickly! I guess you're enjoying them then. :) I agree with your observation that they are challenging but not difficult to read; I think it contrasts interestingly with The Book of the Long Sun in that way, as I felt that was a much more difficult series to read, at least on the initial pass through. Events are much more explicable in Short Sun, and the language isn't enhanced with so much "alien" vocabulary to parse.

As far as "Return to the Whorl" goes, I really enjoy the clear change in authorial voice between the chapters that are memoirs, the chapters that are written by his daughter-in-law, and the single chapter written by his son.

We'll have to get together for coffee when you're done, but I have to ask...what did you think of his "passage" to the Whorl? It chokes me up a little every time I dwell on it, and that one piece of knowledge that he refuses to acknowledge even to himself throughout the series that comes out of it really to me is the center of the whole story. Poor Horn. Poor Silk.
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