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Sep. 21st, 2007

My daughter is extra cute, especially now that she's learning to smile. She still kicks furiously when excited, but the facial expressions ... and yes, I know it's not just gas. I've got a picture on my desk at work of her with a grin (maybe I'll put it up here later).

Our bathroom shower and I are both mildly injured, as previously documented by sapphireblue. While scrubbing a foot, I learned that the soapdish, despite the temptingly placed handle, was not mounted to the wall in any proper load-bearing fashion. The soapdish gave way and it and a now loose tile came free from the wall headed downwards rapidly. Startled, I overcorrected and pulled back by instinct. The loose tile clattered on the tub floor while the soapdish and the extra-stabby piece of broken tile still attached was heading straight for me and slashed me in the abdomen.

So there I was, standing in the shower, holding the soapdish and bleeding, with shampoo still on my hair. I put down the dish and broken tile outside and finished rinsing off, trying to keep water out of the gap in the tile. Thankfully, nothing hospital worthy, but it was still a bit of a scare. To apply the band-aid I had to trim a bit of body hair around the area or I knew removing it would have been like a horrible wax job.

Now I've got a new home repair project it seems.

- Pookah

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