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TVside Chat

I stopped by the flame's place on the way to cards, it being a Tuesday and me needing to stay on the south side of town. (Which reminds me of an appropriate Aerosmith lyric ...)

She's got class Tuesdays, but her housemates are reasonably cool and definitely chatty. So at first it was post-school detox time, and I continued conversing with overly-talkative housemate 1. The TV was on as a kind of occasional distraction. Housemate 1 crashed out, and I talked to visiting former housemate 2 for a while as the detox continued. FH2 is a man with a lot of good stories and the ability to tell them well. The flame eventually tired and crashed out, and FH2 and I kept talking. Needless to say, by this point cards was out of the question.

After a while, the flame couldnt' sleep and came back out of the bedroom. FH2 made his exit, as it was 1 am. I nearly departed, but the flame had something that had been bugging her. I'd been sensing it all evening but the environmental considerations weren't conducive to topics of limited distribution. In short, relationship stuff.

Once she got started, it was plain she had needed to talk. Made me thankful that I can listen well. Without going into too much detail ... her fiance and I have never really had much chance to interact, so he seems decent enough. But he's a decision or three to make, and could really sabotage my opinion of him if he makes the wrong one.

The flame, as previously noted, isn't a big fan of my girlfriend, admittedly partly through jealousy and ego. A situation I work on subtly when possible. I'd hate to end up with a worse opinion of her fiance, minus the jealousy and ego, but trust me, he could really earn it.

Needless to say, after our discussion, she felt better, and it was WAY late. I didn't get much rest this morning, but I'm glad she's feeling better.

Now, having accomodated most of my friends recently, it's definitely time to spend more evenings with my girlfriend. I hope she likes her present. I also hope she hasn't gone through the bag to see what it is. Heh.

Happy Valentine's Day, to all you who're celebrating it.

- Pookah

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