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Many Happy Returns

Otakon was a blast. sapphireblue helped me get the Chrono outfit assembled, particularly the purple wig with the exxxxxxtra-long braid. With several prerequisite items in the backpack of DOOM, I rolled on down to the Baltimore Convention Center and mixed in with the massive crowd of otaku, geeks and anime fans.

To say the Chrono outfit was well-received is to be modest. I got lots of picture requests, and several times traded the "OH! Can I take a picture of you?" with people. I have to thank Lizzie for putting the clothing together, but it's funny how it was the backpack that was the crowning touch. So wmtrainguy, giggle your amazing head off, you excellent engineer you. I got photographed, filmed, quizzed, glomped, hugged, high-fived ... and had someone ask if I knew Greg Ayres (bam2). To that, I had to respond "Greg Ayres is the freakin' man!" Direct quote, after all, meeting him at Katsucon made my day as documented here previously. Still, I watched my language; there was a 12-year-old girl nearby cosplaying as Maya Fey sitting with her mom.

So yeah, I had fun on Friday. I shopped, reasonably frugally. I've got manga for days now. I bought a Megatokyo 'Zilla shirt for my wife [Day 1 objective complete] and then waited in line for Fred to sign it [bonus]. I saw episodes of Disgaea (funny penguins), Lucky Star (hysterical end-of-episode bits) and Fate Stay Night (hooray for packed house, it deserves it). I lunched on sushi cleanly, despite unruly wig and lack of chair and dined at The Wharf Rat with a local brew red beer and my college roommate. I saw part of the set of AAA, Attack All Around, a Japanese pop band with a catchy combination of talented singing, skillful dance moves, and high-energy beats. I made several check-in calls to sapphireblue. And I took plenty of photos which will be uploaded later.

Saturday arrives, and the baby does not. We do lunch, and I got clearance for an extra afternoon at the con. Yay! No costume this time, too unexpected and Chrono needs a washing. More shopping, including the whole dealer room and artists alley. Didn't find any Kirara pictures worth buying [Day 2 objective could not be completed], but did buy even more manga and stickers and things. Memo to self: list scored swag later. More hanging around with ex-roomie, who promised a "guy's baby shower" in my future. Made it back for dinner, and we watched Episodes 15-19 of Noir. More plot twists! I think part of the point of the series is the lack of emotion from the characters as they are assassins and killing the henchmen that are sent after them, but it does also keep them a little aloof and distant.

Tomorrow ... who knows. Last work item that's on my direct plate is polishing up an 80% written document to turn in a reviewable draft on Monday. Otherwise as long as my team has work, there's nothing that can't be covered or transitioned, which means that I will feel like the autopilot can safely kick in at any point without a need for them to bother me and hopefully a quieter first week as a father. Whenever that is.

- Pookah


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Jul. 23rd, 2007 03:51 pm (UTC)
*high five*
I will never say it was any less than a team project. You had the ideas, the hinges (which made that complete), the phone, the finishing touches... don't sell yourself short!

But I will happily giggle to myself about it, I'm glad to see it get the attention and mad props it deserves.

And things are moving on the house side of things, so we might be able to start you next cabinet soon.
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