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The End of an Era Deserves a Big Party

Due date = Sunday. Eeeeeeeeee. I am several adjectives and states of being. There's an eye to the hurricane there. Not fear, but some kind of calm in the middle of the storm, that center you look to find. It's the flurry of activity, of deadlines, of impending. I can almost see a line in my head between the front of my brain now and what will be. Here's a good metaphor. It's like a loose jib as a sailing ship comes about in the middle of a turn, flapping now but waiting for the wind to catch and pull it taut again.

I got a good question the other day: Is my child a pirate or a ninja? I immediately thought ninja, but there's more layers to it than that. I'll have to reanswer that when I meet her. =D

It's OTAKON BADGE PICKUP DAY! Which means I have OFF TOMORROW FOR SURE. Huzzah. It'll be good to be Chrono again for a day. Chrono with an emergency notification cell phone just in case. Now how would THAT look for an arrival at the delivery ward?

One of the two big deadlines I need to get done by the end of the month (regardless of new arrival) is also here, and I beat myself up a bit this week getting oh-so-close. I got it out for review, but there are some fix-ups needed. I'll be glad when it's done. That frees up brain-cycles that need freeing.

The other work-related topic is the mangled succession plans. My team is supposed to have a co-leader and I'm NOT CHANGING MY PLANS FOR MY CHILD'S ARRIVAL INTO THIS WORLD YOU MANGY LOWLIFE SCUM. I cleared it months ago, it's been in the plan, if there's no one for me to transition to, then hey, one of the only things I don't seem to do around here is ensure staffing.

And yes, this week has been one of those "why-do-I-bother-trying-to-plan-anything-it's-all-going-to-go-horrendously-wrong-in-freak-ways-to-bash-the-schedule-and-I'll-just-muddle-through-anyway" weeks. Seriously. I've had a train get outright cancelled the day I had an early meeting, an email server misbehave, a transition plan at work simply not happen, and other events where people are either willfully ignorant or woefully unwilling to cooperate or give warning.

So ... I have to cherish the good moments I found this week. Brunch with friends and an 8 manga book buying spree at a mostly 50% off sale on Sunday. A free beer with the coworker who kept me late on Monday evening. A laugh-filled pizza lunch with half my team on Tuesday. An unsolicited footrub from my wife on Wednesday (oh yes, that WILL be repaid, she so r0x0rs).

But even this morning, the train pulled away from the station as I arrived. So I took the time before the next train (about an hour) to read the two books that I had packed originally to give me something to do when I'm in line for my badge. I found my missing games, so the Nintendo DS needs to get charged up. If I packed it. I figure something. I took Easily Amused at character creation. I have a Brain of Proof against Boredom.

- Pookah


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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 19th, 2007 04:13 pm (UTC)
looks like I forgot to preregister, again!
I'm thinking of going on saturday, likely in just my kimono,
if you guys want to hook up, let me know.
Jul. 19th, 2007 08:32 pm (UTC)
Yes, it'll probably be me. And I'll have a goofy excited grin on my face, too. Thanks for agreeing to clear the way. =D

- Pookah
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