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If Busy had an avatar, it would be me. Workwise, I'm sort of forestalling the inevitable and, apparently, still making plenty of mileage on topics that my team and I are not necessarily responsible for.

Being a supervisor working with a lot of new faces is a challenge. I'm not too sure of peoples backgrounds or skillsets, but I'm adapting, and hopefully they're not too underwhelmed by me. The lingering workload from my previous project really kept me from being able to prepare, and I'm a little afraid we'll have too much to do next week. But with myself and four other people assigned to the evaluation task, it really will hinge on pinning down the standards to evaluate and the criteria to evaluate with.

I don't get too down, though. It's hard to, now that we're within the 50 day mark for the arrival of my daughter. sapphireblue is still getting around pretty good, and getting some decent sleep in between getting kicked. I couldn't help but laugh when she hugged me and I got kicked. At first I thought it was intentional, but no, the kicking started after she got close. Heh. I've got an Ikea bookshelf to build to help hold ALL THE LOADS OF AWESOME GIFTS from the baby shower over the weekend.

I've even gotten a little fun in around the edges. BSO symphony last Saturday conducted by Bobby McFerrin = coolness. Phoenix Wright = coolness. The Bravery at the 9:30 Club tonight = coolness. I've wanted to see the Bravery for a while, and they did just have their second album come out. More good uptempo rock-and-roll tunes, I live for those.

Made you look!
Ha ha, made you look. =D I'll just leave you wondering for now.

I'm probably skipping over a few things, but that's what I get for being too busy, right? Oh yeah, I've forgotten to list the anime I've been viewing.

- Pookah


Jun. 7th, 2007 11:15 pm (UTC)

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