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May. 7th, 2007

Mowed for the second time this weekend. Unlike the first time, the pollen is now so thick I can see the yellow dust covering my car on a daily basis. And that makes all the difference in the world. One hour mowing and I came running in for tissues and an ice-cold drink.

So I mowed 99% of my yard. The last 1% I left alone.
My front yard

The neighborhood bunnies definitely think my yard is safe. So now the baby on the way in July isn't the only young ones I'm concerned about.
Bunny Shot

Bunny Shot 2

Bunny Shot 3

There are at LEAST 5 baby bunnies in that hole. They're tiny, cute, and look relatively cramped. I'm just glad I spotted the fluffball in the middle of mowing, before I got too close. Since I pulled out the fluff the last time I mowed, I initially thought it was just a sign of a new bunny den being set up. No, joke's on me, it's already in use.

And work is completely sucking my brains out. Deadline day was last Friday, and we squeaked by to a reasonable success. This is the week I can solidify that, and then move on to something else. I hope. Keep your fingers crossed.

- Pookah

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