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Tired. Tiredtiredtired. I've been feeling extra-accomplished even as I fall behind, just from the sheer volume of stuff I've been trying to get done.

Primary office work moves along, and as long as the documentation isn't terribly dragged out we should be okay. It's been nice being able to be the primary "rainmaker", even if it has meant a number of times where people have ended up waiting on me for some new information before they can make progress. I've done my best to keep that a short turnaround, and I think it's getting me some notice. It got me some kudos from one of the folks in management who has been around a while and has earned my respect. That kudos made me feel pretty good.

Secondary office work has hung around all month, and now I've got to basically rewrite most of the moving parts on a page so it will behave like they want it to. Most of the same stuff, but a lot of it pre-loaded or in Javascript so it can be done locally instead of requiring more round-trips to the server to do things only as-needed. Blah. I almost got asked to do it over the weekend, but I shot that down with prejudice because I already had enough to do at home and I wasn't going to put it off.

Homewise, the saga continues. The lawn is now OWNED MOWED. That was Saturday. Surprisingly my allergies did not act up at all, even with all the time I spent outside. The tip of my nose is red, but that may be from sun or a blocked pore. Our room upstairs is mostly done. The TV from bed thing is nice, and I can even hook up the Nintendo 64 when I want to, though that seems to throw off channel 2, which interfered with watching double-overtime playoff hockey last night (Detroit beat Calgary in a very ironic way. I could explain, but that's a longer story.). The hat rack is mounted in the closet. wmtrainguy found some powerful wall mounts that hold 200 lbs each. The wall may give before those mounts do, but adding screws to attach it to the wall studs will really make sure it won't come down. I'm positive that there will eventually be a time when some 8-year-old is hanging from it while we're not around to say "DON'T!" and I ain't taking chances.

Painting has begun. With some doors, much thanks to ceri_blue. They had been room-matching pink. The room itself is pink for not much longer as the potential color schemes are down to two and don't include pink. However, I learned that well-attached wallpaper is REALLY REALLY REALLY never meant to come down, even a border. I figure that's why some people just put new wallpaper over the old. Soaking with water wasn't enough. Chemical remover wasn't enough. It turned out to be easier to remove the wallpaper by getting the scraper or Exacto blade in between the paint primer and the layer of paint just beneath the wallpaper, then wedge along separating paint from wall.

Ugh. Did I mention this was a border along the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling? Around the whole room except the inside of the closet? I'm so glad it's done. My shoulders ache like mad, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Time for the slog home, but at least I'll be out of this baking oven of an office.

- Pookah

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