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Back from Florida

Our plane back from Florida landed around 11:15 Monday night, and we got home after midnight since I needed to put more gas in my car.

For most of the week the weather was typical of humid subtropical springtime. Scattered clouds during the day time with plenty of wind, and it would become overcast and rain in the late afternoon as the temperature dropped again. The rain would not go on for long, but was definitely not just a drizzle.

I got to see Epcot Center for the first time in years during our one day in Orlando, and saw bunches of the presentation-style rides. The Seas exhibit has been very much Finding Nemo-ified instead of having the Jules Verne 20000 Leagues Under the Sea slant it had on my previous journey. The gulls (occasionally screaming "Mine? Mine! Mine!") were priceless, but I liked the interior better before, even if it is still cool to have a ride that goes through a fish tank. The best exhibit was The Land right next door. It was very impressive to see what interesting farming research they were doing right behind the pavilion. Definitely recommended. And we walked ALL the nations, though we mostly breezed past the American area. We did plenty of colonial America sightseeing back in Boston.

The other days were mostly relaxing. I got to see ES4: Oblivion on a literally screaming gaming PC which is soon to have a third monitor for 270 degree viewing, how crazy is that? I talked with the groom about WoW and helped him get started in World of Warcraft. He had already been considering it before I went down, and figured he'd pick up what knowledge he could from me while I was around.

And the wedding went very well. Both the rehearsal and the wedding were relatively informal. Everyone was still dressed nicely for the wedding, but the pomp and circumstance was minimal. They chose an all-in-one hotel package, so the central hotel area with greenery and bridge over a pond with a waterfall was the wedding site with a short walk to one of the ballrooms for the reception. I danced a bit and got to swap more stories with sapphireblue's college gang about life, the universe and everything. Pictures to follow ... I won't be uploading from work.

- Pookah

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