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Post-VP Meeting Thoughts

This morning was spent in a meeting going over some actual details with some of my co-workers on staff here, as presented by the VP of US operational type things. The new guy I first saw at the quarterly last month.

Well, he still talks management-style while emphasizing how much he wants to have a laid-back meeting. And he pointed out his open door policy, then stressed that his first question would always be "Have you talked to your manager about this?" =/

We also went over last year's financials and this year's projections, and THAT was interesting. US side only. Apparently, we've been supporting the other division. They're projecting revenue will more than double this year. And we'll still be in the hole, but only because of so much spent on marketing. Supposedly, the sales dudes have some really good leads and figure they'll beat the projections. That would be a nice turn of events.

I also found out the board of directors decided on an average raise of 4.3% this year. I'm hoping for a healthy piece of that ... but I'm not sure I want to stick around long-term. But it would be nicer to send out my resume with hopefully the word "Associate" taken out of my job title. If I don't get that, I KNOW I'm gone. Too many job-related things have just not shaken out my way.

I've been half-tempted to not wait and send it out now, but since I've waited this long, I might as well stick it out and see what happens. It'll also be easier to work out things after my Ireland voyage, and I want to have as easy of a transition as I can come up with.

My boss has made it clear to me he figures I'm a big technical cog to the wheel that's keeping things rolling here. I have assembled a decent reputation of being knowledgeable around the office. So the promotion's likely. It would look a little better on the resume ...

Argh. There's never a good time to leave your company, only a good time to cut your losses, and I want my time back.

- Pookah

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