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Work delays

Sometimes I think my life's got a little too much balance to it.

One thing fixes, another breaks.
One day struggles, while another relaxes.
One knot unties, and the ends find new knots.

I get pizza makings, but don't have a tray.
I ask my father to borrow a tray, because my mother's gone for the weekend, but he forgets it Saturday.
I invite him over to watch football and have pizza on Sunday if he brings the tray, and it turns out Mom is home. So it wasn't as magnanimous to invite them over for dinner.
But they come and bring the tray, but now I've got pizza makings for a 12" pizza and we either need another pizza or a miracle of biblical proportions, hold the anchovies. Loaves are a dough product too, after all.
I end up with one hand-made pizza, and one Papa John's. Ah well, the effort was made.

Today, up at the crack of dawn, fall asleep again until 10 am, get to work by noon, boss is late, co-workers are unfazed, and I didn't miss anything but I'll be here late tonight. Plenty of tech work to do, lots of political crap flying overhead. Ends of current work seem reasonable, with new unplanned-for work likely coming down the pipe.

Ah, well. Life as a government contractor. I need a cell phone so I can use that number to find something new. Otherwise, I'd rarely be reachable. But I should still stick it out through the calendar year. January 4 is my anniversary date, and there's a nice piece of bonus (bribe from company sale) waiting for me.

- Pookah

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