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Katsucon 2007 (short version)

Wow, what a fun weekend. I'm too busy packing for our northbound vacation to properly write it all up, but I'll dish all the good stories soon.

In the meantime, go check out a couple of the pictures we took. Especially note the backpack for my Chrono outfit that wmtrainguy helped me assemble. It looks awesome and got all kinds of comments. Bunches of compliments and ... *sigh* ... bunches of "Hey can I use your phone?" comments. They ALL think they're the first.

AND I MET GREG AYRES (the voice of Chrono) in that typical brief convention-goer/convention guest kind of meeting. Well, almost typical. By the time we arrived and found his panel, we were late. Someone must have asked about Chrono Crusade because right as I walked in he says "And speaking of Chrono, there he is coming in right now." The whole room turned to look, and some fans of the show cheered. That was one helluva moment. I think he had to know he made my con right there. Had to.

More later, gotta pack.

- Pookah


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Feb. 19th, 2007 11:43 pm (UTC)
"bjork, the other white meat"
hello dave, ;)

Was reading the text under the pic of the book, and was instantly transported back in time to your college dorm room in Schlag, and times when all you could say was "duuuuuude". That, and... well...

"Duuuuuude, we baked the driver !"

Elise always knows just what to say at moments like that. Speaking of Elise, I was at pridefest a few years back and ran into her there, which is here in Milwaukee. She was doing well and her head was shaved. So, yeah... her head was shaved, and after that I noticed her shaven head. Oh, and she was there, head shaved and all, with her Mom and sister. Never saw her after that, even though we exchanged numbers.

much love,
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