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The backpack now is a partial-box with separate door panels, which should be able to be attached later once the staining & sealing process is completed. Details are underway:
  • Backpack strap mountings have been figured out and should be very secure for 2" straps. Straps are still TBD.

  • Yellow matte board is on order and will be ready for pickup Tuesday or Thursday at the latest (Joann's promised!)

  • Phone for the side is expected to be delivered early this week, maybe even today.

So that leaves one more TBD. The straps. Very important, because they will have to bear the weight of the pack as well be thoroughly secured to the box and hold the thing up. So I get to go leather shopping, because it's either that or chopping up XL 2"-wide belts. Ladies and gentlemen, this will be quite the adventure.

UPDATE: Tandy Leather is open 9-6 every day, so I'll be stopping by there tomorrow morning to pick up a good length of straps. WOO. Less adventure but guaranteed success since they already said they have the material I'm looking for. Yay for getting someone on the line. If it goes fast and smooth enough, it'll be a requirement to shop their pirate-y gear.

Anyway, one of my teeth has started getting sensitive to temperature and tingling ... time to see the dentist, which I've been putting off for quite some time. But I did already get that set up, so I'll be getting x-rayed tomorrow afternoon at 3 as long as inclement weather (a.k.a. white death from the skies) doesn't keep them from coming in to their office. For now, let's gloss over some of the reasons why I have skipped visiting the dentist. They include A) my bad experiences with my orthodontist and B) my horrible dental coverage back in 2001-2003. Regardless, let this be the first step back to being on good terms with my teeth.

But better now when it's an occasional tingle. I know it might only get worse.

- Pookah

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