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Feb. 2nd, 2007

BUZZBUZZBUZZ. Busy busy busy.

It's another infamous deadline week and I just love having to figure out why someone else's code isn't doing what it is supposed to. Or published reference material that is 100% accurate in all cases that DON'T involve actually using the software in question. Grrrrrrr. That's part of what I hate about open source sometimes. Less obvious incentive to keep documentation up to date, particularly for anything that is caused by using a piece of open source software with something else that isn't. Feh.

Anyway, at the very end of yesterday, I finally found a trick to work around a bug that can only be classified as a software behavioral problem. So that's two night working late this week and one night for quarterly meeting + happy hour for going-away co-worker. He is a Florida Panthers fan, so it looks like we're going to the Tuesday, Feb. 27th Washington Capitals game, if all goes well. The other good news is depending upon how many of today's goals I can actually achieve. It could be a nice quiet weekend if I get everything taken care of. By 3 pm. Really, by 2 pm since I've got meetings after that. GAH! TOO BUSY!

I've also been offered a 4th row center ice ticket for the night of Feb. 10th. Eeeeeeeee. Tough call, because it's a Saturday. But 4th row? Wow.

- Pookah

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