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Less Talk More Rokk by a band called Freezepop is a very catchy song. Heavy on the synths, but catchy as heck.

It's also one of the extra songs in Guitar Hero 2. That game has stuck a bunch of songs in my head and those of my friends. There's a Pretenders song in there, and another friend of mine has been complaining about Woman by Wolfmother. The one that REALLY lodged in my brain? Jordan by Buckethead. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY riff.

- Pookah


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Jan. 23rd, 2007 08:15 pm (UTC)
I tired to link it but my html skills are weak...

Just do a search for "Jordan Guitar Hero Expert", and you'll know what I mean.
Jan. 23rd, 2007 08:43 pm (UTC)
Gods, the song Woman drives me crazy. I can still play parts of it in my head, and I've only watched the game on three occasions!

And now it's in my head again. Can't wait to go home and blast the original Trogdor! That will make me feel better...
Jan. 23rd, 2007 10:05 pm (UTC)

such brilliant lyrics
You know you,
(you know you?.. you mean "you know yourself"?)

You gotta be,
(so, you need to exist)

I've got to feeling alone,

(this doesn't even make sense
does he mean "i've got to be feeling alone?")

When you're talking to me, see right through me,
I've got to feeling alone

(and, now, it changes who the singer is talking to..
i assume the above was talking to "women"
now he's talking to someone else? also the above line is present tense..
but suddenly, it's future tense
And "women" sees right through him, which makes him feel alone...
so she's going to set you free by making you feel like you're invisible?

She's a woman, you know what i mean,
You better listen, listen to me
She's gonna set you free oh oh yeah....

You've come looking for me, like i've got to set you free
You know i can't free nobody,
You've come looking for me, like i've got to set you free,
I can't be nobody.

(ok , now WHO has come looking for the singer?
"woman"? Like the singer has got to "set her free"?
but he can't free nobody (or not use double negatives)
Is this some sorta dominate/submissive thing?
If the person is able to move around , then they already are free.
Does the double negative of "i can't be nobody" mean
"i'm somebody, i have a sense of self, despite you're ability to make me feel like i'm no one"?

This shows poor grasp of the english language...
by an austrialian..

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