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Offsets. That's my word of the 24-hour-period-not-quite-coinciding-with-a-day. They've become a minor nuisance twice now. Once was at work, but I'll gloss over that. Parsing is no fun.

First, two of my cousins got confirmed, and so we made a return trip to St. Vincent's down I-83. Bishop Madden (no, nothing like John) was there to officiate, and the incense did not bother me nearly as much as it has on previous occasions. It did aggravate sapphireblue's cold, but I did at least think to bring one extra tissue. Hugs for the ill. The cousins and assembled family were otherwise all in good spirits, and the sacrament & Mass was followed by a quick jaunt to the undercroft for coffee and chatter before heading off to Bluestone for family & friend lunch. My end of the table included my sister and her boyfriend, and as most family functions go, we ate and then talked for a good long while.

Instead, hooray hinged doors. Those invisible hinges previously referenced herein are cool, but they need to be mounted very close to the edge of the wood. As in not quite centered and, therefore, offset to one side. Thank goodness for scrap wood and practicing, and wmtrainguy's handy-ness. Ye Olde Router did the trick, and installation was really easy. I ... well ... made myself useful by knocking out some wood paneling so I wouldn't feel like I was the extra dude on a union construction job. ceri_blue was curled up in PJ's fighting ick. More hugs for the ill.

I caught some of yesterday's football, including two rather important moments to the Colts vs. Patriots game. I caught the interception that made it a 21-3 Patriot lead, I think that was around grabbing dinner, either before or after. Later on I caught the very tail end, checking the score. It was right as Addai scored the go-ahead touchdown to give the Colts the lead. Big turnaround. As Bridget would say, v. surprising.

Tonight = some battery acquisition (finally) and some anime if we can "rustle up" some attendees. Well, to be more accurate, there will be anime, but the content will depend on the attendees. Scrapped Princess, Witch Hunter Robin, etc.

Note to self: need to call evadd4w6. He'll be amused by some recent business news.

- Pookah


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Jan. 23rd, 2007 02:21 pm (UTC)
I did some research at the Home Depot yesterday, and got some prices and sizes for their wood selection.

It looks like we will be able to use 1x8 and 1x10 to great use, which will help limit the cutting we do. using 1x8s for the doors gives us an overall height of 23-1/4 inches, our rough guess was 22. So we'll be able to just cut the doors to width and it will all be good. We'll need to trim the 1x10s, but that should be pretty straightforward. We do need to figure out a back still.

Home Depot has three types of wood to use: red oak, poplar and white pine. Estimate for box prices will be $73 for red oak, $42 for the poplar and $35 for the white pine. It would be worth swinging by the HD and seeing what kind of wood you like. My first thought is the poplar, but the red oak is really nice (but very pricey)
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