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So, on with life. I've not been unaffected, but I have tried to keep my "best face" on for something that is and has been completely beyond my control. Thanks for the support and well-wishes. Hopefully we'll only have good surprises from here on in the realm of kid-dom.

Sports is, as ever, a welcome break from news in the world at large & at small. There's Ravens football this weekend, N.Y. Rangers tickets for some hockey when I head north in late February, and even some discussion of attending a Caps vs. Panthers game in DC later this hockey season. A lot to look forward to, but I'm finding myself focusing more on the preparations than on the outcomes. Probably a rub-off from the fatalistic approach taking over more of my outlook. I don't know. Regardless, I am expecting some exciting things to watch this weekend and the rest can sort itself out later. Knowing as many Ohioans and Indianans as I do, I just hope whoever wins between the Colts and Ravens wins next week too.

Speaking of next week, it will be a long weekend for me. I do have Monday off. Rock on. Of course, I've got some things to do like gutter cleaning and shirt sorting and whatnot. Plenty of whatnot. I have to acquire a legal pad to replace one that is down to the last six pages. I had been using the last five pages for writing notes and story ideas ... as I discovered in a packed meeting when I turned to the next page to start to take notes, then flipped back pretty quickly. Business meetings aren't always the place for non-fiduciary fiction.

Back to Limbo with me, and I don't mean poles and steel drum music.

- Pookah

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