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As only pirates can

Pirates are an increasingly appearing motif in my life. I have spoken of the "Run Out the Guns" game before, and the cool people I've met at Origins playing it. I'd gotten back in touch with that (press) gang and was talking about attending Origins '07, but since that's in July and involves travel it is pretty much out the window. But the announcement got some responses I've just got to share. Only in piracy does child-rearing = recruitment.

  • Sounds like your own ship's complement will grow by two. Congratulations on that My Lad.
  • Congratulations on the acquisition of a new mess! :) Always glad tidings!
  • Arrr, you must've rolled really well on yer Recruitin' roll to get a matched set like that - now roll for Quality and Nationality! ;)

    Okay, so Gamers and Pirates are motifs. Hmm. Pondering point for the moment:

    leaf : leaves :: motif : ???
    A) motifs
    B) motives
    C) none of the above
    D) ARRRRR!

    - Pookah

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    Jan. 3rd, 2007 03:43 am (UTC)
    The answer is C
    I believe the following is correct.

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