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Weekend Outlook

I am somewhat improved and not going through as many tissues as yesterday. The head cold that plagued me through a sleepless Tuesday night and Wednesday's drive home has slowly abated. Some Tylenol Sinus helped, though I begrudgingly only took two pills, one each day yesterday and today. I tend to take a bit less than the recommended doses, but since I don't take many pills I figure their effectiveness is less in-question. I've always hated taking them, particularly extra-large pills. They're actually difficult for me to swallow. I nearly choked on one when I was taking a pill to help combat a nasty cough/post-nasal drip combination and almost inhaled the thing. That HURT, and kinda stuck in my head a bit. I've been fairly fond of Sudafed and Claritin partly because they are such small pills that it is easier, though the effectiveness is also a big encouragement to keep taking them when I need to.

So my health is like the current weather, clearing up to a better outlook. Saturday's a big party, and Sunday is some late afternoon football. Ravens look good so far. I am v. excited as Bridget would write.

Even work entanglements are sorting themselves out. I wonder about a few comments I made about some rather atrocious code perpetrated by someone who is leaving at the end of next week. I'm not the only one bashing it, but I do have a dependency on him to complete one piece of work before his departure. Heck, I've even taken over half of what I expected he would do just to simplify it, and can't make it more clear what he has to do and how. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he does get it done, as I've got another task waiting in the wings for me.

So next week is a new year, and starting with anime sounds like a plan to me. I know not everyone's an Inuyasha fan, but we've gotten up to episode 124 of 167. I've watched 10 episodes of Beck now (which is music-related but not to the alternative artist) and a couple episode of some other scattered series. The choice for next series of group-watching is Scrapped Princess, which is good from what I've seen. One of these days I'll actually add a listing of what I've seen and what's next up. It'll make it easier for me to track where I am when I'm working on multiple series. Whichever. I do also need to do some work on a certain backpack. I'll start there.

- Pookah

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