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Dec. 6th, 2006

I had a raging story idea in my head yesterday evening, and I like the concept. It would work better as a movie or TV series though. Highly visual, and there are many visual tricks you can play that are difficult to convey with the written word. My inner muse has gone haywire, of sorts. I need to capture and distill all the creativity, then turn it into actual writing. Probably with the pearl method of story building, layering additional details and scenes over time around a single sand grain of concept.

I finished drafting another website last night with Comedy Central on. It started with Mind of Mencia, drifted through South Park and Dave-Chappelle-sans-Dave, finishing with the most surreal and thought-provoking point of the evening's TV viewing. The Daily Show (usually classified as liberal media, always classified as combination news/satire) had John Danforth in for an interview. He is a former senator from Missouri, a former U.N. ambassador, and an Episcopal minister. He is an author and wrote a book called Faith and Politics about how the Republican push to "energize the religious faithful" to drag out the vote instead of reaching out to the middle to actually represent more of America is something he sees as further dividing the nation. The full title is Faith and Politics: How the Moral Values Debate Divides America and How to Move Forward Together. Even as an ordained minister, he believes that there is a place for a line to be drawn between private faith and public office. Danforth did not come across as a thoroughly jovial man, but he seemed sincere and was able to follow along with all of Jon Stewart's questions and most of Stewart's schtick. He may be an author plugging a book and a politician stumping for his ideas and beliefs, but even with an agenda of his own he made some good points.

My company (which is me and a few 30-somethings) had a lunch meeting to recap the year and discuss things as a company. 1 coworker is expecting his first child in March-April timeframe. My boss just let us know that his wife is also pregnant, their third child is due around the same time. Color me surprised.

Back to ye olde grindestone©, I've got a December 18th deadline and a definite lack of support resources.

- Pookah

PS: In case you may care, the huge Warcraft patch is out. There's infrastructure in there for the upcoming expansion, but some things have already changed drastically. Revamped and extended talent trees for all classes, total reset of PVP honors, and improved display of calculated character stats and obscure item bonuses.

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