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That was a good holiday. I put work almost completely on the backburner and focused on fun, friends, and family though not necessarily in that order. Turkey Day was another incredible meal from Mom and the first chance for my relatives to exchange birthday gifts since August. We even did December just to get ahead of the game. I also ended up suckered into watching the very end of Grey's Anatomy, since it ran over and we were promised a return to football after it ended. It looks like it is not a bad show, but I am skeptical due to the hype machine. I'll take House for my curmudgeonly dose of medicine on TV, and perhaps 3 Pounds which should have plenty more snappy humor and pizazz without being pure comedy.

Friday was gaming that blended into more gaming with shoggoth1's birthday celebration. And some serious drinking, particularly by one notable attendee who ended up on the floor at one point. We got in TWO Fantasy Flight games in one day, maybe three. I forget who makes Arkham Horror. We started Warcraft around 4 and finished at 10:30. Granted, we had to share dazaharia with the Arkham crowd towards the end, but she seemed to like it. Heck, for a while her warrior was blasting more foes off the map than the hunter was, and trust me that's unusual. After we cleared that off a game of Descent took over the main table and I nipped upstairs for some Cribbage while a Spades game took over the Arkham/Seasons table. With a good crowd like we have, lots of gaming = lots of fun.

Saturday I dealt with my hangover (though I got off lightly compared to some) and mowed the lawn. Copied a bunch of files, researched more anime [Ergo Proxy looks good, Fruits Basket is starting to get interesting even if only I will watch it, and there's a couple new shows with promise], and even played a little actual World of Warcraft. I still haven't logged into my old warrior, since I kind of faded from my old guild and got the boot for inactivity. I regret letting them down, but I don't regret surrendering my long-raiding ways. So I leveled some of my "lowbie" characters, which was more fun solo-ing. It also balanced out the buttkickings I suffered on PS2 as I frustratingly died at the end of levels a couple times.

Sunday was the Ravens game [they won, woo!] followed by a possibly brief new tradition of going to dinner with the folks the evening of gameday. We used to do dinner on Saturday nights after swimming, but since we're not swimming that has been curtailed. It was good to eat and chatter with just the close family, even if there are only two more home games this regular season (and hence, two more Sunday nights to dine out).

Alright, now to unslack. I've got writing to do. Though before I do ... it's worth noting that this morning's train was stopped for over an hour. The delay was caused by some power problems on the wires, and they were using only a single track to send trains through northbound and southbound. But while I was sitting there, I got a story idea and wrote it all down. I went from blank slate to well over a page and a half of handwritten character/story notes (my laptop battery was already dead). I even laid out the "first chapter" and some major events and character conflicts.

- Pookah


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Nov. 28th, 2006 04:33 pm (UTC)
Yes, it was three
Arkham Horror was done by Fantasy Flight. Think about it - all of thoes little tokens and stuff, it could only be FFG.
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