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This was a fun weekend, the delayed anniversary-ish weekend trip to Ocean City. The weather was as accommodating as it could be for early November. We never needed winter coats, but the good & warm weather was only able to hold out for Saturday. Sunday morning we got to breakfast and a 15-street walk down the boardwalk before the impending rain coming up from the south encouraged us to turn back north to reduce the amount of "drenched" in our lives.

Sunday's football watching was an adventure, but the Ravens came through in the end. Barely. Eeee. Speaking of games, we played some Seasons and after winning the first game I got trounced twice. BTW, I have to give props to the creators, a game company named Dust Bunny Games. They're "just a hare better".

And after a leisurely Monday and return trip, it's back to the office. My voice is coming back; it doesn't hurt, but when I clear my throat I sound like a motorcycle starting up. I think I gave it to my wife though. She's caught some variant of whatever ICK I had. Bleah.

So on to Tuesday night, and some anime surfing. Eventually I'll be rolling out some Haruhi (seen 2-ish) or Scrapped Princess (seen 13-ish) to take the place of Fate. That first episode of Haruhi is pretty scary. It's like an anime of a bad student film. Intentionally. And then they crack jokes in the next-episode-preview bits about the episode numbering from then because even the characters get confused. It has more zany, but Scrapped Princess has a more consistent plot and more adventure. We'll see what wins out.

Oh yeah, and I concocted a horrible story idea in my head in the car on the drive home from Ocean City. Absolutely horrible, as in Lemony Snicket would be proud. It remains to be seen if it will ever see the light of day.

- Pookah


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Nov. 15th, 2006 12:42 am (UTC)
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