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Have a Nice National Cliche Day

And lo, so began the 24 hours of sort-of work, as I am the clipboard carrier for tonight's big software install. Few direct tasks that need doing, but I've got to be here. I'm the axe behind the emergency glass, in case something goes not according to plan. I am not working a 24 hour shift, no sir. I'll be crashing on a co-workers couch for a few hours after dinner, cover midnight-ish to 8-ish, and get home some time on Saturday. Then sleep, blessed sleep of the greatly fatigued.

The MARC commuter trains I usually ride will not be in service on Saturday, so I'll be catching an Amtrak train back to the lot at BWI where my car is parked. Parking at BWI makes it easier to fetch the vehicle if I'm too walloped to safely drive myself home and need a ride. Chances are I'll miss the group gathering later tomorrow for a trip out to corn mazes and whatnot. I will have already had a full day even if I do make it home before people muster up and head out.

I'm hoping tonight stays boring. Just in case, I brought a DVD and my hard drive full of anime. I'd rather end up watching that than spending several hours troubleshooting. *crosses fingers*

And as an aside, I'm always pleased to "find" bands before TV shows and commercials do. Recently our TV has had music from Starsailor, Goldfrapp, M.I.A., Massive Attack, and more ... all without the music channels of course. Sunday is a Ravens home game, but Sunday night is a Queensryche show at Rams Head Live. AND THEY'RE DOING ALL OF OPERATION: MINDCRIME. And the recent sequel concept album, and most of Empire, too! I can hardly believe I was unaware all this was going on. I didn't want to trek down to the 9:30 Club in DC to see them, but to have them in Baltimore and playing all that good music it would be hard to pass up. Time to check ticket availability and pricing.

- Pookah

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