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Monday, the velcro stickers for my EZPass finally arrive, so I can stick the transponder thingy on my windshield instead of having to remember to hold it up every time I go through. Yay.
I forgot my cell phone and Metropass card. Boo. The warm front makes me realize that I'm wearing a much different jacket from Friday, so they're probably together.

Tuesday, I reclaim my Metropass from my jacket along with $5. Cha-ching. Yay. Also the trick-or-treaters were low-key, and one parent even complimented us on our pumpkins (and I now pass those compliments on to ceri_blue, organizer of the pumpkin carving). Double yay.
My cell phone is not in the jacket with the Metro card, and I've been a lot of places since Saturday. Boo. Also, my bottom ribs are touchy and feel bruised. Ick and boo.

Wednesday, work was from home and low-key. And, in milling around upstairs, I spotted my belt pouches, worn to Saturday night's wedding for medieval feel with a modern sense of pocket-esque convenience. And sure enough, one pouch contains one cellphone with battery long dead. And $40. Cha-ching. Yay.
Now the charger is in hiding. Boo. Worse yet, I've had a sore throat today. Curse you microbes!

And I finished Drakengard 2 in there somewhere. May have been late Monday night, may have been last night. I'm still a little groggy, but have been v. amused by Radiata Stories. It was a slow starter, but improves as a game and story the more I play it. Particularly the style has grown on me. A heavy dose of authentic wit helps, too.

So it's back to the controller and water bottle for me.

- Pookah


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Nov. 6th, 2006 10:35 pm (UTC)
Glad you found the cell. Losing one suxors. dasquish lost his when we went to the symphony with sapphireblue. Luckily they called us a few days later and held it in the coat room for us. But the time between you realize it's missing and figure out where, a flurry of expletives release from your vocal cords and your place becomes a wreck. :)
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