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The Notre Dame game was fun. A fun time was had by most of my group, with a few aches and pains getting in the way. Found out one friend of mine has a bulging disc in his neck, and for my part I bashed my knee into a cupholder. After climbing down from doing aerial push-ups on top of the crowd. It's a Notre Dame thing. 24 of them. The last 3 sucked. My arms were at a bad angle, but we were not a very organized or large group. Thank goodness I'm light. We were Section 223, Row 2. Beautiful club level seats on the south side of the stadium, and kinda close to the rail. I was usually just fine with that (exception: push-ups held above crowd).

After a quick change at home from football fan garb to Ren garb, we zipped west for the wedding. It was COLD and blustery, even under thick wool, but was a pretty ceremony. And it did get hot inside the carriage house, so even thin-skinned me took breaks to go outside to cool off. The DJ was cool, the music selections were appropriate, and the groomsmen did look a lot like a quidditch team. No dance with sapphireblue, but otherwise a good night.

That was followed by a stint at a Halloween party with a refridgerator full of beer. There were sightings of Wonder Woman, zombies, a man with a banana hammock (hat), and Kim Jong Il. You heard me. Some were more creative than others, and I felt out-efforted on costumes, even if a third outfit for the day was so not happening. It was kinda fun, though once or twice I felt a little out of my element. I think what I need to re-learn is to STFU when on the fringe of certain circles. I was tired and inebriated and should have reverted to basic listening skills. I knew enough people ... sort of ... that I couldn't just go into "Hi, who are you?" mode, but there were a couple spots where I made the graceful exit from a conversation that had already left me.

Sunday was some recovery. Brunch & errands before football and pumpkin-carving. Huzzah Ravens, huzzah pumpkins. I missed Carving Day last year, but this year I came out and got goopy with everybody else. I set the bar low with a simple pattern, and it turned out okay. The grinning cat'o'lantern turned out nice, and I then moved on to carve a standard jack'o'lantern face with a non-standard smirk into a small pumpkin. Other folks did some really cool designs with a lot more cuts (like a swooping owl and a gravedigger).

Now I plan for ye olde weekend of suck, patent pending. I have a mandatory work shift Friday night from midnight-ish to 6 am-ish to help support an install. I'm not performing the install, I'm an emergency valve in case things go wrong with half the system. But it looks like I'll be crashing on a co-workers couch to get a nap Friday night. I can't take the train in on Friday though, or I'll need an Amtrak to get back to my car on Saturday or something. Hmm. Might not be a bad idea. Less driving when I might be tired. I'll have to check the Saturday train schedule.

My football-picking magic 8-ball juju is holding its own. As long as I can keep up with the rest of the gang, that's better than getting left in the dust.

Drakengard 2 is nearing completion. I'm in Chapter 11 of 12 on run-through 3 of 3. Very, very close. I'm not quite sure how this ending will go. Probably wrap up Radiata Stories after that, mixed in with some Devil Kings when I need to vent some GRRRRR energy.

- Pookah

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