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The Path Already Taken By Kirby Morrow

Yes, sometimes it seems like it must be Kirby's world and I'm just living in it. No, not in some stalker sense of the word. I mean as in that he is definitely landing cool work and I just keep stumbling across him.

Obviously Exhibit A is his voicework as Miroku, the monk from Inuyasha. I'm no lecherous monk, but ... anyway ... that's previously documented here, so I'm moving on. I discovered an immediate Exhibit B last night. I had just started playing Devil Kings [one of my new PS2 games] and decided to begin with a cool character in blue that swings as many as 6 katanas. At once. Not realistic, but this game is all about the style and flair over realistic combat. John Woo would be proud. Even the cut scenes wording is overly dramatic. The voice catches my wife's ear and she swears the voice is familiar. After checking online, she says, "Hey, Kirby Morrow did a voice for this game. It's some character named Azure Dragon." Yeah, the one I picked out. That's him.

Funny, that. I'll probably play it a bit more, but I just needed a break from Drakengard 2 before finishing up my 3rd trip through the game for the third ending. I've got to decide if I want to do anything special or just zip through as fast as I can. I found out that the 1st time through is normal or easy difficulty, the second trip has to be on hard difficulty, and this third trip will be on the extreme difficulty. Phew. I hope the ending is worth it, because this time not much in the middle has changed. I have to admit, I liked the menu interface of the first game a lot more.

- Pookah

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