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Oct. 18th, 2006

A whirlwind of a week flew by, and I really should have posted more. More RenFest, some Ravens, an anniversary celebrated with dinner at Tio Pepe's and two more dinners cooked by me. Like many of us, I've kept busy.

I also finished Drakengard 2 (the first ending) and am halfway through to the second ending. I think. It's hard to tell, or at least harder than it was with the first game. Not much has been different so far, except for skipping the beginning tutorial-esque fights [not so interesting] and some extra comments from Eris very early on that I don't remember from the first time through [much more interesting].

Oh yeah, and there was beer. With Friday night's dinner it was actually Sangria. I still can't believe that was actually a "small". I ran into no one else I knew well on Saturday at the RenFest, so I proceeded to spend my day tavern-hopping. Then Sunday night was spent with my ex-marine friend, who found out that he's being shipped back to Iraq next year. That's right, again. This year he took a position with the Army National Guard nearby for various reasons and knew it was a bit of a risk they would end up deployed. Nobody figured it would be this soon. He's taking it relatively in stride, though. I give him credit. Regardless of your political stance on the war, nothing brings the topic home like seeing a friend get called up.

- Pookah

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