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Ah, the Renaissance Festival. So fun, even on dreary days. It stopped raining early and drizzled a bit in the evening but never in a downpour fashion. I kind of wandered a bit, and sang with the pirates as per the usual, but with two notable unusualnesses.
1) My wife was one of the pirates. Oh yes indeed. The outfit itself came together awesomely from head to toe. She got compliments (and catcalls and wolfwhistles) from bunches of people, and I agree that she looked fabulous. We'd also accept amazing and/or stunning. I'd go on, but I think my opinion's already clear. =)
2) My sister was there for a bachelorette party for a friend who is marrying a guy who refuses to go to the RenFest with her. Outright refuses. I picked her slightly inebriated brain amidst singing pirate songs (because she is also a big Pyrates Royale fan) and found out that it wasn't quite the big deal it sounded. Gives him time to paint miniatures and he prefers rock music anyway. Aha, sez I. (though I would personally take pirates over minis) After pirates, I was assigned watch-the-stuff duty while the girls danced to gypsy music before I eventually made my escape to the privy and the bar.
There was shopping to be had as well. My Half Moon heavy wool ranger tunic bought on a cold previous trip to RenFest kept me dry and warm, but I picked up a red silk shirt so I could act like I got the red & black memo 3 other members of our ragged band must have received. And Half Moon did very well by our group, who bought two cloaks (one was light wool in white & black my wife found appealing).

Sunday was some work and some relaxing. I dragged two large bags of topsoil out into the backyard to attempt to cover over the rockiest parts and help get some dirt for grass seeds to settle. That was obviously followed by seeding. Hopefully year-over-year the backyard will become more grassy and less patchy.

I also took the opportunity to cook myself a nice ribeye steak. It was some kind of special brand name, with free-range organically-fed cattle. And had a $2 off coupon. Cha-ching. But with Sunday's sunshine, I got inspired to clean out the grill and boy did it need it. There was plenty of grease and charred sludge I needed to scrape out of the inside. From the couple of rust spots I saw, I probably should have done so sooner. I just did not realize quite how bad it was. But the steak came out okay (as did the couple-days-expired Rice-A-Roni I cooked as a side).

Beyond that I pretty much stayed in and messed around with Fate/Stay Night. Yeah, I've had it stuck on the brain, but I'm WAAAAAY behind where the TV show has gotten to. And for a choose-your-own-adventure style thing, I've already gotten myself killed twice. I really like the way they do the swordfights. And tonight will be football, so I'm putting the TV show on hold. Briefly. =D Not that I'm the only one addicted, mind you.

- Pookah


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Oct. 9th, 2006 08:52 pm (UTC)
Why choose?
Personally, I don't see why one can't we have both pirates and minis. Granted I've been slacking in both lately, but that is more due to the lack of proper room to pirate-n-mini. One of these days I will have that basement rocking, and there can be battles and booty for all!

And while it has been said many times, it is worth saying again, best damned RennFest in ages.
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