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Saturday I don't remember too clearly. I know I spent a lot of time working on a website (which is oh-so-close to being done). That evening I caught up with an old drinking buddy and instead of a double-date out with our wives, it ended up being a guys-night-out event when his wife took a rain check for the evening.

Sunday was more website work in the morning. Credit goes to sapphireblue for tackling yardwork. I helped bag some of the grass, and that admittedly small assistance knocked out my admittedly small resistance and I headed straight for the Claritin and a beverage when I got back inside. It kicked in before we went to spend the afternoon at the RenFest, which was like old times for me. We walked in to meet my sister and a couple of her friends, and the whole day we were bumping into people that knew me or my sister. We ran into her old college roommate and circle of LARP-er friends. We ran into a former comic-book store clerk/fellow L5R player and his friends. We spotted a co-worker and his wife while watching the Pyrates Royale, and ran into an old GM and his wife at a later Pyrates show. This was the weekend the Medieval Baebes were performing, and the crowd was pretty big. The end-of-day Pub Sing over at the White Hart Tavern was in rare form with plenty of off-color jokes and humor. From a couple of improvised watermelon yarmulkes to the village idiot's tale of heated name-calling: "I called her a stuck-up pig. She called me an idiot. Wow, got me there." Still, my favorite part of Pub Sing is, no surprise, the singing. To quote one of the songs:

Some come to work, while others to play
Some come in evening to pass time away
Some come to laugh, their voices to ring
But as for me, I come for to sing

- Pookah


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Oct. 3rd, 2006 12:10 am (UTC)
It's a shame we didn't run in to you guys, Nathan and I were milling about as well that day.
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