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Sep. 28th, 2006

Today I:
  • Re-learned an old workaround I have not had to worry about in six months.

  • Surreptitiously provided statistics I probably should not have.

  • Cleaned out my Saturn from stem to stern, though it still needs washed.

  • Was surprised to find the moisture on the floor of my trunk was because of standing water in the spare tire compartment below.

  • Left my trunk open most of the afternoon to air out said compartment.

  • Found out that the local Hyundai dealership in Towson is in the same building where I originally bought my Saturn (the Saturn dealer moved down the street).

  • Checked out a Hyundai Sonata and found it suitable. Need to check again later this week, and also see if I really want Deepwater Blue, which is even darker a blue than my current vehicle.

  • Bought a few CDs, inspired to buy one of them (Moby's Hotel) because I had a song from it stuck in my head. I ended up buying that along with 3 others and a DVD. Sooooo music-addicted.

  • Rediscovered the joy of milk and cookies.

Friday, I'll be heading west on I-68 to an office-ish get-together between some folks from DC and some folks from West Virginia. They're splitting the difference I guess. For lack of a better idea, I'm taking a tie and a football and a frisbee. It is in a park, after all.

- Pookah


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Sep. 28th, 2006 03:18 pm (UTC)
re: standing water
Same thing happened in the Neon. When I was cleaning it out before we bought the first Matrix, I noticed as I sorted through the crap (there was a lot of stuff back there) that there was a lot of moisture. And as I dug further, I even found mold. So I ended up cleaning the trunk with a giant trash bag and rubber gloves.

Apparently one of the seals at the trunk failed, and over the years a lot of water made its way in. Really quite nasty, and made me even happier to get rid of it. If water can get in, it becomes quite useless as a trunk, and I don't want a car that I can't use all of.
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