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Huzzah, back from camping. It was a bit damper than expected, but during the day it wasn't too bad. Most of the rain fell when the temperature dropped. My book I brought got a little damp, but otherwise there was no major damage. It was also the last hurrah for my old beat-up pair of shoes and the pair of jeans I wore the last day. My current daily-wear shoes will be replaced by the end of the year, so I figured it was safe for the old ones to go, and those jeans had knees blown out from seam to seam. Worse yet, the pockets were developing holes, and I'll not risk losing my wallet. My friends also retired their old tent. It was showing signs of wear and tear and one of their puppies couldn't hold it through the night. Yowch.

The Ravens came away from Sunday's game against the Browns with a win, but they only did just enough to win. Next game is San Diego, hopefully they can keep momentum.

The car search is heating up. My current faves are the Saturn Aura (new for 2007) and the Hyundai Sonata (redesigned in 2006). I also found an interesting fact about the Sonata. I'd go for the automatic, but it's still impressive to find the 4-cylinder Sonata is getting good marks. I didn't even realize the Sonata would hit the EPA classification of a "Large Car", but the mpg matches other cars I've looked at. I'll be checking one out this week to make sure I like it in person, but I'm hopeful.

- Pookah


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Sep. 26th, 2006 06:35 pm (UTC)
Saturn Aura

Saw your blog entry while doing a search for the saturn aura. :)

I actually looked at both the Sonata and Aura, and went with the Aura.
However my choice was a bit lopsided since I got $2500 (Canadian) off the price of the Aura - due to $1000 'repeat customer' bonus (or whatever it's called) and $1500 from my parents GM Visa points ) - so the Hyundai lease price obviously couldn't compare after that.

However even aside from the resulting price difference - and all things being equal - I would have chosen the Saturn Aura. I test drove both (albeit a 4 cylinder Sonata) and thought the ride and inside of the Aura was much much better.

I did like the Hyundai's better bumper-to-bumper warrantee (5 yrs vs 3 yrs in Canada), the rear arm rest, and its proven 5 star crash ratings (Aura hasn't been tested yet, but should do well), etc...

But if you haven't already test driven the Aura - with its 1 yr free OnStar service - I'd heartily suggest you do. :)
It's getting great reviews, most recently from the Washington Post, and as an owner I am very pleased with my Saturn Aura XE with a good chunk of options added.

Just my 2 cents and best of luck on your purchase or lease!

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