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Today was the end of "Appreciation Week" at the office. For the entire contract staff group. They had given out these award tokens during the year that we were supposed to use for a silent auction. But when someone else has 90 and I've got 3, it's a little disheartening. Thankfully, that sketchy fellow stayed over by the Redskins tickets so he wasn't after anything I really wanted. The gift cards went quickly, so I ended up rallying some contributions to win lunch for 8 at a local Chinese place. Not bad.

Then there was the kicker, a nice little bonus check from my boss with this paycheck, as his own personal appreciation. Nothing quite says "Thank you employee" and means it like cash does.

So I feel a little better. Makes me look more at the work ahead of me as not entirely bad. I think what I need to do is make sure to get actively involved in setting a more reasonable schedule and keeping it that way. I've grown too accustomed to just absorbing whatever fallout comes from my "day shift", and if I can contain that from spilling over then the rest won't be as bad.

The only remaining question is this: Just what is a reasonable schedule? At least I know what help I'm getting and what help I'm not.

- Pookah

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