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Monday, Monday

Maybe it's aftermath of watching A Scanner Darkly and Fight Club in the same week as I finish reading the Litany of the Long Sun, but I've had weird dreams lately. Maybe it was the Shandy I was talked into drinking Saturday. I can only blame the last two nights on that, tho. On top of a Harp and 2 MGD's (taking one for the team), it sat poorly until I got some water and pizza into me.

But that bad drink was the only downside of Saturday's party at la casa de chrysalis, which was part of a very good weekend. Friday I accomplished a major piece of work for the office, and coasted through until Monday. But now I'm stuck assembling my code with the not-quite-done never-quite-completely-tested code of some other people just to get our piece officially into testing. I'm am Jack's steadily increasing hostility towards incompetence that borders on the infinite.

But I digress. This weekend was good. It's the last "lazy" weekend I'll have for a while. Quite a while it looks like, though not work-related. It's a little hard to get excited when there is a pile of little frustrations that like to pop up and smack me in the head from time to time. I'll survive it, I always do, but my patience level is not quite where I want it to be. The worst part being too self-aware, knowing that I have to hang onto these things because I know I can find peace by just letting them go ... but that also means accepting that they are gone and there's some repercussions to that I'm not ready to deal with right now.

Yeah, yeah, more vague metaphysical ramblings about the inner workings of the brain of yours truly. Just what you've come to expect from this journal. So how about some frankness. I'd rather hurt right now than just be blissfully ignorant or dejectedly resigned and bitter.

Give me life TiVo so I can skip to the good part.

- Pookah

PS: Oh yeah, and I got lost again. That's twice this month. Gotta watch that.


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Aug. 1st, 2006 04:39 am (UTC)
Brain mess
Wow, A Scanner Darkly, Fight Club, and your first foray into Gene Wolfe. I'm sure you're in a wierd place right now.

I suppose this means I need to bring you Epiphany of the Long Sun, so that you can continue the amazing misadventures of Calde Silk?
Aug. 1st, 2006 04:55 am (UTC)
Silk for Calde
Absolutely. I enjoyed it a lot. Got a lot of the reading done at the beach, since I finally had the time to burn through multiple chapters.

- Pookah
Aug. 1st, 2006 04:09 pm (UTC)
I still can't believe you drank that Shandy! :)

Only one more to go from the original six pack. Heh.
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